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About us

Dear Customers, Dear Partners,


AMCO Kft., “PARTNER IN PACKAGING”, a simple and easily bypassed statement. But please read it again! In fact, these few simple words truly state our mission and our operational philosophy. Who are we? What are our goals? How can we help and support you?

  • AMCO is one of Hungary’s most important distributors in packaging equipments and supplies.
  • We feature the largest show-room in the country, where dozens of different packaging methods could be tested and discussed.
  • We offer free consultation to our customers and, in many cases, assist them to decide the best approach to package their products.
  • AMCO’s focus is on the mid and small manufacturing sector, our services help them to be competitive with large multinational companies using expensive packaging technologies.
  • The company thrives for CUSTOMER FOCUS.. This means we are dedicated to support our customers fully from the selection process of their technology through their post market needs, during and after the warrantee period.

Essentially our services and technology offering is useful to most industry sectors manufacturing products which require packaging. They include the food and beverage industry, light manufacturing, printing and many other areas. The reason for this versatility is that our technologies cross over industry lines and most of our systems are useful in several unrelated industry sectors.


We offer –

  • Packaging machines and systems;
  • Packaging materials;
  • Dedicated technical services during and after the warrantee period;
  • Free consultation and test runs for package design development;
  • Rental and leases of packaging systems;
  • Sales of used and refurbished machines.

In this pamphlet, we review 15 technologies, which we identifi ed during our long experience in the Central and Eastern European market to be the most useful to our mid and small manufacturing customers. It is our belief that these systems will satisfy almost all packaging needs. 

We hope our partners will fi nd this brief review informative and they will be encouraged to visit our web site, contact us and come to our show-room to test their ideas and fi nd the best and most cost effi cient technology for their products. We will solve their – your - packaging challenges together!

We hope you will honor us with your visit.


Kalman Magyar


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