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banding films







We offer the coated banding paper in different thicknesses and design. 

Your products are reliably held together with paper bands. However, the band can easily be torn again at any point. 

Of course, we can imprint the desired band also according to your specifications. You can use this additional surface for marketing and/or product information. 


We offer the banding film for ATS banding machines in different qualities, whether transparent or in color. 

The banding film is appropriate for a variety of applications: 

differently colored transparent films visualize stamping and delivery priorities 
addresses on packages remain easily legible with transparent film 
heavy products can be bundled without damaging the edges 

Films uncoated 

Thanks to the Ultra-Sonic technique, the reasonably priced thin or thick film without coating can be used for banding. The polypropylene and polyethylene film is environmentally friendly and reduces waste disposal costs. 

To be applied in the following machines:
ATS-CE Banding machine 
ATS-MS 420S Banding machine 
US-2000 AB Banding machine 
US-2000 AB-V Banding machine 
US-2000 BDE Banding system 
US-2000 CSW Banding system 
US-2000 LB Banding machine 
US-2000 LBM-MS-V Banding system 
US-2000 Transit Banding machine 
US-2000 TTP Banding machine 
US-2100 Banding machine 
US-2100 TTP Banding machine 



  • Food and baking industry
  • Printing and publishing
  • Textile industry
  • Technical products packaging
  • Chemical and plastic industry
  • Food service and catering


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