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AMCO short articles: Shrinkwrapping

AMCO short articles: Shrinkwrapping



Shrinkwrapping is simply the most versatile and practical technology to protect a produst and give it an attractive appearance. The variations to the methods we utilize this technique varies greatly. There are as many solutions as products. We may also consider shrinkwrapping to be the most cost effective way to achieve a professionnally looking product which is truly competitive on the market, on the store-shelf.


In a simplistic way, the system one chooses to achieve the packaging requirements depends on the required speed of production.


Essentially shrinkwrapping consits of steps:

(a) sealing a bag around the product, which may take 3-6 seconds; and

(b) shrinking the film around the product, which may require 10-20 seconds.

The techniques in shrink-wrapping may be summerized:

a. "One - step" systems - sealing and shrinking in one operation, can reach speeds up to 6-8 packages / minute.

b. "Two - step" systems - sealing and shrinking are achieved in two phases, with speeds up to 18-20 packages / minute.

c. Automatic systems are used for faster speeds, up to 30-40 packages / minute or with dedicated systems even up to 70-80 or even higher than 100 packages / minute.


The packaging film which may be used for each of the systems noted above, are specific and require special testing and consideration. They are usually PE (polyethylene), PO (polyolefin) os PVC (polyvinylchloride) based, manufactured in single or multiple layers.




Applicable industry sectors:

  • Food and baking industry
  • Beverages packaging
  • Printing and publishing
  • Textile industry
  • Warehouse storage and distribution
  • Technical products packaging
  • Chemical and plastic industry
  • Building materials and equipment



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