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Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping and pallet protection
- for consumer- and bundle packaging -





















Logistics of shipping products require in most cases to be placed on pallets. The products must be fixed in order to secure them and protect them during shipment. Pallet-wrapping may be achieved by the following technologies: 

a. Stretch film – wrapped around the pallet in a rotary fashion. 
This technology is the most practical and cost efficient method for pallet containment. Simple solutions are available for low speed operations (10-20 pallets / hour) or the range goes up to fully automatic systems (30-40 pallets / hour). Simply described the pallet is rotated and a film delivery carriage, moving vertically on a column, applies the stretch film. 

b. Stretch hood – placed around the pallet. 
The stretch hood protection for pallets is a recently developed technology, it's advantage is that the speeds of packaging are increased, but the technique requires a expensive equipment and is not cost effective to most operations. 

c. Shrink hood – placed around the pallet and using a heat gun or an oven to shrink the hood and secure the product to the pallet. 
Heat shrinking hoods to fix the pallets are widely used for heavy and not heat sensitive products. The shrinking of the protective film onto the pallet may be achieved with an inexpensive hand tool, like the Shrinkfast Heat Gun or a more automated rotating system, as well as a heating chamber oven. 

AMCO Ltd. offer the complete line of these systems from the simple hand tools to the completely automated lines. 

The packaging film is usually PE (Polyethylene) for these technologies, however it is extruded under different circumstances in order to achieve either the stretch or shrink characteristics. There are many versions available of these films at different costs, therefore it is advisable to select the most cost efficient film to match the packaging machine as well as the pallet protections requirements for the specific application. 





  • Food and baking industry
  • Beverages packaging
  • Printing and publishing
  • Textile industry
  • Warehouse storage and distribution
  • Technical products packaging
  • Chemical and plastic industry
  • Building materials and equipment
  • Food service and catering industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Agricult


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